Being an active fan of Fc Deportivo Galicia team

You can hardly call yourself a fan when you don’t follow Fc Deportivo Galicia betting on twitter, or Facebook to get an update on matches, or even learn about transfers, injuries and new signings. As an ambitious fan, do not limit yourself to only the things that go on in the field. And also, it is not enough to follow fan clubs and all the other social networks, you can just be an active follower. Being an active fan is much more than buying a season ticket, going to watch live matches, or having memorabilia and betting on a game. Today, thanks to social media and the paparazzi, you can also follow your favourite football team around. Get to know what the members of Fc Deportivo Galicia are doing outside football, and hopefully get an autograph.

Following on apps

Follow live matches on apps like sky, the football app, and zeebox. Get news, commentaries and goal alerts from these apps and many more like them. The football app especially, no longer focuses on news and notifications, but has enabled chatting among fans through a feature called the Fan Zone. On Fan Zone, you can see what other fans are saying about the team, you can chat, have discussions, and even comment. And on the team app, you can follow up on coming events.

There is also a chance that you will meet team players in public places by subscribing to a mailing list that will notify you of upcoming public events and some pre-season training camps which are sometimes open to the public and fans are allowed to watch. However, you have to be cautious meeting a player or a team in a public place, as it may appear disrespectful if they are having a time out with friends or family.