What Fc Deportivo Galicia Fans Need to Know About Football Memorabilia

As a fan of Fc Deportivo Galicia, you want to know more about the players of the club and support them. You probably also like to have memorabilia that reminds you of your favourite club and your experiences as a fan.

The good news is that over the century that football has been very popular in England, the game has generated a lot of memorabilia. Even your parents and grandparents probably have a lot of various items at home that remind them of their happy memories.

Cigarette cards are a very popular form of memorabilia. Initially, the reasoning behind creating a cigarette card was very simple and practical. The cards made soft packs of cigarettes harder, making it less likely for the contents of the packs to get crushed when the person carrying them was moving around.

Very quickly after the invention became popular, manufacturers of the cards realized that they could be printing all kinds of pictures, signs and logos on them. They also realized that by creating series of cards, they could increase the loyalty of smokers to a particular brand of cigarettes.

The tradition to print series of cards started in the United States in 1871, and came to the United Kingdom about 15 years later.

Various companies were printing pictures of all kinds of things and items, including castles, trains and ships, until in 1896, Marcus & company realized that they could also create a football-related series of cards.

After about ten years, the first colour cards with football players hit the market. They instantly became a success and in the next several decades, more and more companies started printing similar cards. A bit later, photographs of football players replaced lifelike paintings. The industry also had many cards with cartoons and caricatures of players. The cigarette cards died out around World War II because of the paper shortages that occurred as a result of the war.